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Tenant Screening Criteria

EQUAL HOUSING OPPORTUNITY: Gerald Leigh Properties follows a policy of fair and equal treatment to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status,  or handicap and in compliance with all Federal, State and Local Laws. We also have a responsibility to ensure the protection of our property, the residents’ right to peaceful occupancy and the owners’ financial interest. With this in mind, the following rental policy has been established.

GENERAL: These criteria will pertain to all properties managed by Gerald Leigh Properties acting as (landlord).  All properties have a strict no smoking policy and strict pet policies. You have the right to obtain a copy of the screening report obtained from your rental application.  If you do not automatically receive one, please contact our office at 831-373-5989 and one will be sent to you promptly at no additional charge. Applications for rental properties will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to the availability and location requested.

RENTAL APPLICATIONS: Rental applications are to be completed by each adult applicant. An application must be provided for all adults occupying the apartment before it can be considered by management. Management will rely on the information outlined on the application and if any information proves to be untrue, the application or subsequent lease may be rejected.

APPLICATION FEE: A non-refundable application processing fee of $35.00 per applicant will be charged before an application is processed. This amount is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or the reason for that out- come.

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: A non-refundable administrative processing fee of $25.00 per applicant will be charged before an application is processed. This amount is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or the reason for that outcome.

Our screening reports are quad checks that screen court records, Landlord-Residential History, Sexual Offender History, Credit History, etc. Therefore, unfortunately, Gerald Leigh Properties does not accept “Reusable Credit Reports”.

QUALIFICATION STANDARDS: Gerald Leigh Properties will look at the following areas when determining the eligibility of an applicant.

Credit Check: A credit report is required on each individual over age 18. The results of the credit report will be evaluated. Unsatisfactory credit can and will disqualify applicants from renting a property. Gerald Leigh Properties defines credit report as follows:

685 or above – approved
650-684 -approved with conditions/or Co-signer required.
649 or below-denied. Co-signer cannot be used to qualify.
No Established Credit-approved with conditions such as prental prepayment and/or Co-signer.

Note: Employment verification is required prior to credit check. Two most recent pay stubs and/or new hire letter required to prove employment income.

Gerald Leigh Properties defines an unsatisfactory credit report as one which reflects a history of bad debts, unpaid bills (leniency will be given for medical bills and/or student loans), any legal judgments (within the last 4 years) or recent bankruptcy. Recent bankruptcy is defined as being filed with-in the last two years. If positive credit has been established after the two-year period and proof of court ordered bankruptcy dismissal is provided, the application will be considered. If an application is denied due to poor credit, applicant will be notified and provided with the name, address and phone number of the credit bureau to obtain a copy of their report.

Public Records Criteria: An eviction and criminal records search will be conducted as part of the screening process.  Deniable factors will include rental eviction or previous conviction for a crime that is drug related or that involves violence against a person or property may cause the application to be denied.

Employment History Criteria: This property requires 12 months of employment with current employer or in the same line of work.  If the tenant cannot meet these standards, application may be denied. Possible exceptions to the employment criteria include the following: Retired of self-employed applicants will require most recent tax returns or three months of bank statements to verify income.

Household Income: The monthly rent should not exceed 38% of the total gross monthly income. Allowances for other income such as alimony, child support, etc. will require written verification. Students with jobs must provide proof of employment. Students using student loans must provide proof of loan amount. If the applicant doesn’t meet this standard rent to income criteria, this will result in a denial of the rental property or approval with conditions. The following items can be considered a deniable factor:

Lack of proof of income
Falsification of income
Cannot meet income requirements
Final recommendation will also be dependent upon income, rental and employment history.

Residence: Positive rental history is required for any applicant to be accepted. If the applicant does not possess any rental history it is up to ownership discretion if they will accept a co-signer. All previous rental or mortgage verification’s should reflect an account that was paid as agreed shows no disruptive conduct, no damage to the property, no balance due or failure to comply with stated lease requirements. Negative rental history may result in application denial. This means that if a previous landlord would not re-rent to you in the future due to your payment history or breach of lease conditions then you will be denied. At this property we require the tenant to have zero evictions on record.  Of overall rental history is less than 36 months this result may require application approval with conditions or denial.  Verification will only be considered if applicant was named on a formal lease. Subletting is not an accepted form of verification. If residential verification can not be satisfactorily performed for any reason, applicant will be denied.  The following are considered a deniable factor:

More than 1 late rental payment on record within the last 12 months
Applicant was not listed on lease and is unverifiable resident
More than 1 noise complaint on record within the last 12 months
Broken lease agreements with previous landlords
Inaccuracy of falsification on the rental application

Guarantor Qualification: Co-signers may be accepted in certain circumstances where there is a first-time lessee who does not have rental history or established credit. Co-signers may also be used in cases of persons with limited income, who would otherwise not qualify under our present selection criteria. At no time will a co-signer be used to cover negative credit lines that would normally cause an application to be denied. The co-signer must have sufficient income that exceeds or equals their monthly mortgage plus two times the monthly rent. The co-signer is not required to be present to sign the lease agreement. Co-signer responsibilities include paying of rent, late fees, utilities (if applicable), and payment for damages should the resident default in areas of the lease agreement. Co- signer is bound by all statutes of the lease agreement and agrees to comply with all aspects of the lease. Co-signers are required to complete an application and agree to be screened if necessary.

SECURITY DEPOSIT: A full deposit equal to one month’s rent must be paid at the lease signing and all conditions must be met.


1 bedroom – The maximum number of persons allowed is two per bedroom, plus one.
2 bedroom – The maximum number of persons allowed is two per bedroom, plus one.
3 bedroom – The maximum number of persons allowed is two per bedroom, plus one.
Each tenant must possess adequate credit and rental history and is fully responsible for the entire rental payment. Each tenant must execute the lease and all applicable

TRANSFERS: Owners representatives will attempt to accommodate transfer requests. Tenant unit-to-unit transfers are discouraged and subject to denial. All transfers will be treated as new tenancy and are subject to all application screening criteria.

ANIMALS: No animals or birds of any description are allowed without the expressed written consent of management. In addition, a pet agreement must be signed by all adult occupants.  Landlord charges an extra 100.00 per month for pet and therefore, security deposit is an extra 100.00. Dog breed, type, and size permissions are property specific. Ask management for property specific details. Gerald Leigh Properties offers some locations that are dog friendly.  However, these locations have a strict 1 Dog maximum. NO cats are allowed at any location.  The Pet Policy is designed to protect pet owners and non-pet owners, and to ensure that the animals receive responsible care. This policy applies to all animals kept in the unit and will be strictly enforced. If two or more violations of this policy occur, the resident will be considered in breach of his/her lease and eviction proceedings may begin. All animal documentation such as licenses, vaccinations, etc. should be submitted with application. Animal Owners shall comply with all City laws regarding licensing, etc. Failure to disclose animals on application will result in denial.

Approval: Permission to keep a pet is granted at management’s sole discretion and is subject to the resident’s adherence to the Pet Policy. The following conditions must be met before a pet is allowed in the unit:
Pet Addendum which outlines house rules is completed and signed
Pet deposit is paid in full
Failure to comply with these steps will result in revocation of pet privileges.

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